Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Turn 3 Phase 3 - movement concluded

Curt moves straight
Ed makes a D1 right bend


Holding for Johnny's Driver

T3P2 - Combat


Turn 3 Phase 3
Curt maintains 40

Curt defers to Chris
Chris makes a D5 right bend

Holding for movement from Curt...

T3P2 - movement concluded

Curt moves straight, hitting an obstacle. He takes no tire damage.


I need instructions from Johnny's Driver and from Chris...

Monday, April 29, 2013

T3P2 - movement - Curt

Yesterday, Curt deferred to Chris. Today, Chris has made no reply and thus moves straight.

Curt ?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

T3P2 - movement begins

Johnny moves straight, causing a head on collision with Jon. Johnny has a BT'd hidden front HR that hits. All the damage goes internal. The ram itself kills Jon's driver - full kill to Johnny. It also takes Johnny's front armor. Jon is stopped and Johnny is moving at 10 mph. Johnny conforms Jon and each drops an obstacle and each hits the other's obstacle. Jon's back right tire takes damage.

I need Curt to either move or defer to Chris...

T3P2 - speed

Okay - finally back after a long delay... Thank you for your patience!

Turn 3 Phase 2
Curt maintains 40
Chris accelerates to 40

Holding for movement from Johnny...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

T3P1 - combat

Turn 3 Phase 1
Johnny's Gunner fires the Turreted VMG at Jon, hitting his front. All the front armor is destroyed and damage goes internal.
Curt fires both VMG's at Chris. One hits and takes the rest of the back armor and damage goes internal. The second hits and all damage goes internal. Debris is dropped.
Jon fires a hidden Blast Cannon at Jonny and misses.

Turn 3 Phase 2

I need speed from Curt & Chris...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

T3P1 - movement concluded

Chris moves straight.
Ed makes a D4 left bend.

I need combat instructions from -


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

T3P1 - more movement

Curt makes a D1 left bend, sideswiping Chris. His Left Bumper Trigger activates Ice on the left, Paint on top and Oil on the right. They both take some damage and Curt's other Left Discharger is destroyed. Chris is conformed.
Jon moves straight.

Holding for Chris...

Monday, April 15, 2013

T3P1 - Johnny's movement

Johnny moves straight

Holding for Curt's movement...

T3P1 Speed

Johnny accelerates to 50
Curt maintains 40
John slows to 30
Chris maintains 35
Ed accelerates to 20

Holding for movement from Johnny...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

T2 End of Turn - Ed's damage

Ed chooses the right side. His metal armor stops some of the damage and some goes past, plus a chunk of metal is lost creating an obstacle.

Turn 3 Phase 1

I need speed from Johnny - Curt - Chris

T2P5 - movement & end of turn

Curt moves straight, hitting debris but taking no damage.


End of Turn
Craig has a chance of fire from his PP being hit by Ed this turn. He catches fire and all components take damage. His rockets react violently and he explodes (just like last game). Ed is within 2" and will take 1D of damage to an exposed side. Ed - you can choose right side or front - please let me know. Debris and obstacles are scattered about.

Jon took a burn mod from internal hits from Chris' HDFT w/HT ammo, but fails to catch on fire.

Holding for Ed's damage location.

Also - Ed - I had speed and phase 1 movement from you, but I've scratched that since you have the debris field now.

T2P5 - movement begins

Johnny makes a D2 left bend.
Curt defers.
Jon makes a D3 left bend.
Chris fishtails 15 deg clockwise, then skids 1/2" along his vector, slowing to 35. He then moves straight 1/2".
Craig moves straight.

Holding for Curt...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

T2P4 - combat

Turn 2 Phase 4
Curt fires his turreted VMG at Chris, hitting his back armor with HD ammo. He also fires a Smart Linked left side VMG through BTC, hitting Chris' back with normal ammo.

Chris drops debris and loses control.

Turn 2 Phase 5

I need movement from Johnny - who's moving fastest at 45.

Then Curt & Jon will move together, or one or both can defer to Chris & Craig. All four of them are moving at 40 mph. Curt & Jon have a higher reflex than Chris & Craig.

Jon will be the only one left with a firing action available.

Friday, April 12, 2013

T2P3 - Combat

Turn 2 Phase 3

Turn 2 Phase 4
Curt accelerates to 50.
Curt moves straight, causing a rear-end collision with Chris. Curt's front BT activates a Sand Discharger front. Both vehicles take some damage and are both now moving at 40 mph. Curt's forward movement stopped when he hit Chris.

Johnny moves straight 1/2"


Holding for Curt

T2P3 - movement concluded

Chris makes a D1 left bend.

I assume none - since I'm holding Curt's speed he can let me know if that's wrong.

Jon - with your -6 & another -6 for fishtails I assume no action on your part either...

Turn 2 Phase 4

I need speed for Curt...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

T2P3 - movement continued

Jon attempts a D5 left bend... And makes it!
Craig moves straight

Now holding for Chris...

T2P3 - movement

Johnny moves straight
Curt makes a D1 right bend
Jon fishtails 30 deg CW - then ?

holding for Jon...

T2P2 - Combat

Turn 2 Phase 2
Johnny's Driver fires his front twin MG's at Jon, missing with each. His Gunner fires the turreted VMG at Jon, hitting his left side. Debris is dropped and Jon loses control.

Turn 2 Phase 3
Curt maintains 40

Holding for movement from Johnny...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

T2P2 - movement concluded

Curt moves straight
Jon makes a D1 left bend
Craig moves straight


I need instructions from Johnny & Jon...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

T2P2 - speed

Turn 2 Phase 2
Curt maintains 40
Chris accelerates to 25
Jon accelerates to 40

Johnny moves straight

Curt and Jon move together at 40. Holding for both.

Monday, April 8, 2013

T2P1 - combat

No reply #2 from Jon... One more and he's AWOL (I won't hold for him and he'll move straight, maintaining speed with no actions) until he makes ANY kind of reply...

He had warned me he might be out of pocket, and I offered to wait on him, but he was going to try and maintain via his phone...


Craig fires his twin MG's at Ed, missing
Chris fires both HDFT's at Jon. The first hits. The second also hits and does internal damage. Jon has a burn mod from the second one and drops an obstacle.
Ed fires his RR's at Craig. The turreted one misses. The first front one hits with HEAT ammo. Craig loses some metal armor and all the plastic on his right side, dropping an obstacle. Damage goes internal. The second one hits with HEAT ammo, taking more metal and doing more internal damage. The driver is killed.

+40 points to Ed

Turn 2 Phase 2
holding for speed from Jon & Chris

Sunday, April 7, 2013

T2P1 - movement concluded

Chris moves straight
Ed moves straight


I have instructions from Ed - I need from everyone else...

T2P1 - Jon's movemt

No reply from Jon, so he moved straight after the fishtail. Closeup below.

Holding for Chris...

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Friday, April 5, 2013


Turn 2 Phase 1

Johnny accelerates to 45.
Curt maintains 40.
Craig accelerates to 40.
John maintains 30 - OOC.
Ed slows to 10
Chris maintains 20 - NR

Holding for movement from Johnny...

Walkarounds Updated

Walkarounds Updated to reflect recent events...

Johnny Knittle - Bare Bonez

Sedan, Electric PP, Driver and Gunner, 4 tires, VMG in Turret, Dischargers left right & back, Ramplate, Spoiler & Airdam

Ed Moser - no name

Lux, Gas Engine, Driver only, 4 tires, hubs front and back, guards front and back, Sloped armor, RR in Turret, 2 RR's Front behind BTC, Dropped Gas left, Dropped Gas right, Discharger back, ramplate

Craig York - Valkerie

Mid-Size, Electric PP, Driver only, 4 tires, 2 MG's in Turret, 4 rockets front, 4 rockets back, 2 Dischargers left & right, Discharger back, ramplate

Curt Lindmark - Mueller Mauler

Sedan, Electric PP, Driver only, 4 tires, hubs front, guards back, Sloped armor, VMG w/HD Ammo in Turret, 2 Dischargers left right & top, Dischargers front & back, Ramplate, Spoiler & Airdam, Plastic armor

Chris Johnson - Sideshot
Lux, Electric PP, Driver only, 4 tires, hubs front, guards back, Small bore left, Small bore right, 2 HDFT w/HT ammo front behind BTC, Plastic armor

Jon Hendrix - Bad Timing

Sedan, Electric PP, Driver only, 4 tires, VMG in Turret, FP Plastic armor

Thursday, April 4, 2013

T1P5 - Combat

Turn 1 Phase 5

Curt fires his turreted VMG at Chris, hitting his right side with HD ammo.
Craig fires his twin turreted MG's at Ed, missing with both.
Chris fires 2 concealed front mounted HDFT's at Jon. The first hits but fails to give a burn mod. The second also hits and Jon loses control. The ammo is high temp. Debris is dropped and a smoke counter added (these are NOT on the map below).

End of Turn
no chance of fire

HC is recovered (look for a personal email)

Turn 2 Phase 1
I need speed from everyone except Jon (who is OOC).

Again, look for a personal email.

T1P5 - movement concluded

Turn 1 Phase 5
Jon makes a D3 right bend.


I need instructions from Craig...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

T1P5 - movement

Turn 1 Phase 5
Johnny moves straight
Curt moves straight
Jon defers
Craig moves straight

Holding for Jon...

T1P4 Combat

Turn 1 Phase 4

Chris makes no reply

Ed fires his Turreted RR at Craig, missing. He also fires his Smart Linked RR's behind BTC on the front. Both of them miss as well.

Turn 1 Phase 5

Johnny & Curt move first - holding for Johnny...

Monday, April 1, 2013

T1P3 - combat

Turn 1 Phase 3

Curt makes no reply.

Johnny fires his Turreted VMG at Curt, hitting his right side. The normal ammo damages Curt's plastic armor.
Jon fires his Turreted VMG at Chris, missing.

Turn 1 Phase 4
no movement


I need instructions from Curt, Craig & Chris...