Sunday, March 31, 2013

T1P3 - movement concluded

Ed makes a D1 bend left
Chris makes a D2 bend left


holding for combat from everyone...

T1P3 - Craig's movement

Craig makes a D3 right bend.

Holding for Ed & Chris...

T1P3 - movement begins

Johnny moves straight
Curt moves straight
Jon moves straight

Holding for Craig...

Saturday, March 30, 2013

T1P2 Combat

Turn 1 Phase 2


no reply's by Curt, Craig & Chris

Turn 1 Phase 3

Johnny & Curt move together - holding for Johnny...

Friday, March 29, 2013

1P2 Movement

Johnny moves straight.
Curt makes a D1 bend left.


Holding for all except Ed...

T1P1 Combat


Turn 1 Phase 2

I need movement from Johnny...

T1P1 - movement concluded

Ed makes a D3 bend left.
Chris makes a D3 bend left.
Jon makes a +1 to his age - Happy Birthday!


I need instructions from everyone except Ed

Thursday, March 28, 2013

T1P1 - movement continues

Jon makes a D3 right bend.
Craig makes a D3 left bend.

Now holding for Ed & Chris who move together...

TP1 - movement begins

Johnny makes a D1 right bend.
Curt makes a D3 left bend.

holding for Jon - either submit movement or defer to Craig....



Starting Speed
Johnny - 40
Ed - 20
Craig - 30
Curt - 40
Chris - 20
Jon - 30

Order of movement for Phase 1 -

Johnny & Curt move together - holding for them now

Then Jon will move or defer to Craig, then the other.

Then Ed & Chris move together.


In the gate in the North wall - Johnny Knittle driving Bare Bonez

Sedan, Electric PP, Driver and Gunner, 4 tires, Small Bore in Turret, Dischargers left right & back, Ramplate, Spoiler & Airdam

In the gate in the East wall - Ed Moser driving a no name car

Lux, Gas Engine, Driver only, 4 tires, hubs front and back, guards front and back, Sloped armor, Small Bore in Turret, Dropped Gas left, Dropped Gas right, Discharger back, ramplate

In the gate on the right side of the South wall - Craig York driving the Valkerie

Mid-Size, Electric PP, Driver only, 4 tires, 4 rockets front, 4 rockets back, 2 Dischargers left & right, Discharger back, ramplate

In the gate on the left side of the South wall - Curt Lindmark driving the Mueller Mauler

Sedan, Electric PP, Driver only, 4 tires, hubs front, guards back, Sloped armor, Small Bore in Turret, 2 Dischargers left right & top, Dischargers front & back, Ramplate, Spoiler & Airdam

In the gate on the lower side of the West wall - Chris Johnson driving the Sideshot

Lux, Electric PP, Driver only, 4 tires, hubs front, guards back, Small bore left, Small bore right,

In the gate on the upper side of the West wall - Jon Hendrix driving the Bad Timing

Sedan, Electric PP, Driver only, 4 tires, Small Bore in Turret

The first "24 hour clock" starts now - I'm holding for opening speed from each of the players - your choice - 20 mph to 40 mph - no speed change in Turn 1

Good luck! Most importantly - have fun!

Start Your Engines...

Counters are placed on the map below, along with a zoom of each...

Next post will show the walkarounds...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

map scale

Just an FYI - the map is shown at 1/4 scale... Remember the books would have things in grids, but you had to draw them "full size" on map sheets?

Each square in the map is actually a full inch. I've put some counters down for a scale reference.

For those that have already turned in a design, please let me know if this changes anything...

Design Deadline

This will be a Division 25 duel in the Mueller Arena. Full details about car design, win conditions, etc. are in the massive FAQ that I publish. I'll link it below.

The map (along with certain zoom shots from time to time) will be posted as these blog posts are posted. Sometimes there will be communication with the players that will NOT be posted here. If you want in on that "mailing list" just let me know.

Feel free to subscribe to this blog so you can be notified when there are updates.

Designs are due by 5 PM Central Time Tuesday March 26th. If any of the six players have an emergency or something unforseen that will delay them - LET ME KNOW. My deadlines are firm so as to keep the game moving along. If you are unable to get a design in time and want to use a stock design, there are a myriad of them available in the books and on the Internet.

I use the MADHAT Car Spreadsheet for checking your design and for my records. I have it shared publicly on Google Docs -

You do NOT have to use it for your car design or to submit, but it is a great tool that our own Chris Johnson started and Curt Lindmark now maintains.

That's it! Get your designs in to me... The faster everyone submits the faster we will get this underway!

Oh - one more thing - the Car Wars Compendium version 2 5th printing is now available from e23 -

The FAQ is publicly viewable on Google Docs. It's big, so unless you just want to read EVERYTHING about Car Wars that a ref like me has & does, feel free to skim it and/or search. :-)

Even if you don't read the rest, though, you need to read this...

Introduction to MADHAT PBEM Games. This document last updated 1-3-13 and incorporates the CWRQ and ODQ. 

Good day, dueling fans! You are invited to enjoy a fast growing aspect of autodueling: PBEM (Play by E-Mail). The rules are the same as “in person” Car Wars games using the official AADA rules from Car Wars Compendium 2nd Edition 5th Printing as well as Uncle Al's Catalog from Hell. I also use rules clarifications modified from the published works of Eric Freeman. Any AADA legal item will be allowed, including items appearing in Pyramid Magazine.
I will be the sole referee. Final decisions, rules as well as judgment calls, will be left to me alone. I will entertain initial “suggestions” such as “I think this maneuver will keep my front left tire out of his front arc of fire” or “that’s not going to cause a hazard is it?” I will make a ruling and, if needed, quote the rules or this document to explain my ruling. 

By playing in my games, you agree to allow the use of your name and/or vehicle details in future web use, podcasts, emails, etc. I don't spam lists, but I do send out announcements, etc., to all current players, past players & people who have expressed interest. For bulk items, I try and BCC everyone to protect your identity.
I will make all dice rolls. Modifiers and rolls will be shared with the person who would normally roll, but no one else.
We will follow this sequence of play…
The particulars of each duel will be announced ahead of time. The arena, the division, any weather conditions, limits to number of crew, etc.
There will sometimes be recurring characters. Recurring characters and their skill points are the responsibility of the owning player.
Unless a specific event calls for an exception, all crew will follow the same method of using skill points. Namely, 30 points to be assigned any way you see fit with a maximum of 20 in any one skill.
Once all vehicles are submitted and any problems are resolved, I will post walkarounds. Gates will usually be determined randomly. Also, unless you tell me differently, the following defaults will apply - Gas Engine or PP will be in the front; Gas Tank, if any, in the back; Driver on the left; Gunner on the right; HTM's ON; Bumper Triggers active; weapon links active.

All movement for a phase will be turned in at one time. Movement will be resolved normally based on speed. Feel free to give detailed conditional movement, such as "if Car 12 moves straight I'll make a D3 right, but if he turns right I'll bake a D5 right" or "if Trike 16 turns left I'll match his left bend" or anything else you would like to do. If you request it, I can show you all the movement up until the point you move. You must let me know, though, in order to keep the game moving quickly.
Any movement of more than one inch will automatically be handled in alternating movement. No one is required to request this.
Once all movement is resolved, I will update the map and the play-by-play and send an email to everyone. Combat will be turned in at one time as well, but all combat will occur simultaneously.
I will then take all modifiers into consideration and roll the dice. If you fire, you will know what you rolled, as well as the rolls for damage. If you are fired upon, you will know the amount of damage, but not the die rolls. You will also know the result on your vehicle. If you are not directly involved in the combat, you will know who attacked who and what the obvious results are (armor breached, metal armor blown off, wheel hub damaged but intact, etc.) as part of the play by play.
In the case of dropped weapons, the person being damaged will know the amount of damage, but not the die rolls. No one else, including the dropper, will know the die rolls or the amount of damage.
Then we will go to the next phase…
This will go on through phase five. At the end of phase five I will roll for fire, roll for extinguisher success, apply fire damage and check for explosion. As in combat, anything occurring to your vehicle will be shared with you in detail; anything occurring to someone else’s vehicle will be shared with you in visible terms. HC recovery will then be applied and an email sent to each player asking for speed for the next turn. Once speeds are turned in, a movement request will be sent.
If you ever decide to change speed in the middle of a turn, the best time to tell me is during the Combat Request for the current phase, then speed will be changed for the beginning of the next phase. If you ever want to check speed before turning in movement, you are allowed to do so, just let me know so I can "restart the clock."
And the cycle continues…
There is a "24 hour" rule which simply means you have 24 hours from the time I send the email to respond to movement or combat requests. If you fail to respond, you will either move straight or make no combat action that phase. If you fail to respond to three "24 hour" turnarounds in a row, you will be considered AWOL and I will not wait for you to turn in moves. You will continue straight and at the same speed with no combat actions until you email me again. At that time you will not be AWOL and I will wait the 24 hours for you. I also reserve the right to bring in a replacement player to control your car. Once this is done, it will be up to that person to relinquish control back to you. If they choose, they may finish the event. If they go AWOL and you come back, you will have first chance at getting your car back.

There will be no private communication between players. Anything said is said to all. If you'd like to tell another player something, you can either send that person an email and CC everyone else (including me) or you can send me exactly what you want to say and I will send it to everyone in that duel with emphasis to the person you are speaking to. This will be role-played as radio chatter.
Are you game? If so, email me for the details of the next duel to occur. If you have a favorite arena or division, let me know.

Also, feel free to ask questions if any of this is unclear. This is supposed to be fun! :-)

Saturday, March 23, 2013


MH 38 is over -

This is the site for the next event. It will be a Division 25 in the Mueller arena.

Please let me know if you'd like to play as there are only SIX gates in this arena and my games fill up FAST!

Email me at